Optimal Organisational Outcomes LLP (‘3XO’) Privacy Policy 

Our contact details  

Name: Rupert McNeil, Partner and Chair, 3XO 

Registered office and business address: 3 Hollybush Close, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3XW 

Phone Number: +44(0)7767 834755 


Date of Notice: June 2022 

The type of personal information we collect  

We currently and/or will collect and process the following information: 

Names, contact details (including roles, email addresses and phone numbers for: 

  • Current, prospective and former partners, principals and associates of 3XO; and 
  • Current, prospective and former clients of 3XO. 

For partners, principals and associates we may with their consent hold details which allow use to determine suitability for types of client engagement, including CVs and information on experience and capabilities, subject to our data retention schedule. 

For current, prospective and former clients of 3XO, provided they have given us consent, we may hold information on our services or potential services, and data relating to those services including data they have provided to us, subject to our data retention schedule. 

In fulfilling the requirements of clients in engagements we may hold personal data but seek to keep this to a minimum and to receive and hold in anonymised or pseudonymous form. 

How we get the personal information and why we have it 

Most of the personal information we process is provided to us directly by you for one of the following reasons: 

  • because you are interested in joining our network 
  • because you are interested in using our services 
  • because you are part of our network 
  • because we are performing services for you. 

We also receive personal information indirectly, from the following sources in the following scenarios: 

  • names and contact details of individuals from referrals and public sources, including LinkedIn who we believe may be interested in joining our network of whose organisations may benefit from being aware of and/or making use of our services 
  • We use the information that you have given us in order to identify individuals who we believe may be interested in joining our network of whose organisations may benefit from being aware of and/or making use of our services 

We may share this information with organisations we work with as part of approaching individuals  in organisations who we jointly believe may benefit from our combined services. 

Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), the lawful bases we rely on for processing this information are:  

(a) Your consent. You are able to remove your consent at any time. You can do this by contacting Rupert McNeil, Chair of 3XO at 

(b) We have a contractual obligation. 

(c) We have a legal obligation. 

(d) We have a vital interest. 

(e) We need it to perform a public task. 

(f) We have a legitimate interest in respect of contacting prospective clients and network members, having balanced their privacy interests with the benefit our contacting them and given that the nature of information held is essentially limited to contact information and that we will remove any such data we hold if asked to do so. 

How we store your personal information  

Your information is securely stored. 3XO is a cloud-native organisation and all information is held securely in the cloud on Microsoft 365 application hosted on Microsoft servers 

We keep contact details without a destruction date, unless requested to remove it.  Client information is held, unless agreed otherwise with the client, only until the end of the client engagement.  Data other than contact details on prospective 3XO personnel is held up to the point where a mutual decision to join the network has been reached.  Data on current 3XO personnel is held for as long as they remain such.  Data on former members of 3XO personnel is held with their consent on the same basis as current 3XO personnel for six months, but may be less or more subject to the individual’s agreement. We will then dispose of your information by permanent deletion.  We do not hold copies of any of the above data in permanent hard copy form. 

LAST UPDATED: June 2022